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Cisco Certified Networking Associate for the Live Event Industry

Industry-focused curriculum for exciting in-demand jobs

12-Week Intensive Cohort Model – January – April 2023
24-Week Self-Paced Model – January – July 2023

Tuition: $6900 ($6500 pre-pay discount)
Scholarships: Coming soon!

This program provides an engaging, hands-on learning experience to teach core networking with an emphasis on environments networking professionals may typically encounter in production of live events and entertainment.

The curriculum is delivered through the Cisco Networking Academy consisting of three courses designed to prepare students for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam. Supplemental materials provide an understanding of project requirements and popular technologies including Audinate Dante used in production of live events such as music festivals, large conferences, and theater performances.

The program runs for 12 consecutive weeks and requires a full time commitment (35-40 hours per week). The curriculum and materials allow students the flexibility to work from the coworking site on campus as well as from home or other locations, provided they are on campus for at least 10 hours per week for hands-on labs and in-person instructor support. Students will learn using a combination of lecture and reading content accessed through their own devices, interactive activities, online simulations, and in-person hands-on labs (using on-campus network equipment).

In the first phase of the program, students will be introduced to the architectures, models, protocols, and networking elements that connect users, devices, applications and data through the Internet and across modern computer networks (including IP addressing and Ethernet Fundamentals). Students will receive detailed instruction on switching technologies and router operations that support small-to-medium business networks and includes wireless local area networks (WLAN) and security concepts. The program will give students a deep understanding of the architecture, security, and operation of an enterprise network. The final phase of the program will introduce students to the new ways in which network engineers interact with programmable infrastructure.

Reasons to attend LTA!

  • LTA places you in the hub of the live event industry at Rock Lititz
  • Live event focused IT/Networking curriculum
  • Weekly Tech Talks and Mentors
  • Field trips both on and off campus including a live event (schedule dependent)
  • Work study options with select partners (space is limited)
  • Scholarship opportunities for qualified candidates
  • Early tuition payment discount
  • Unlimited access to Rock Candy Coworking
  • Campus events and activities

Next CCNA Course Date:   January 2023!

Things you should know before applying:

Full-Time Commitment

Program offerings vary in duration based on the individual course framework; however, each course may have a different minimum time commitment. On average, most programs will require no less than 30 hours per week for most students. Students with significant IT experience may be able to complete a program with less time and effort.

Application Process

All prospective students must be accepted into a program for specific dates. Candidates are assessed on an individual basis as applications are received and typically require a phone interview.


We provide all course-specific equipment needed to facilitate hands-on experiences in our on-site workspace; you must bring your own computer and have reliable internet access for any work you decide to do off-campus.

On-Campus Requirement

Most weeks you will be expected to be onsite at least 10 hours for completion of hands-on labs and occasional events (e.g., industry speakers and career events). Free 24 hour access to the coworking space and lab are provided and students are encouraged but not required to do all their work on campus.

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